Getting Support

Please read the troubleshooting tips carefully before making a support request.

To initiate a support request you must send an email to describing your issue or question in details. Your email must include your Google Wallet order number, date of purchase, and the name under which you purchased SymTasks from Android market (Google Play). Alternatively, you can attach the email receipt of your Android market purchase. Failure to provide this information may delay the resolution of the issue.

We provide free email support up to 15 days from the date of your purchase. At this point, we do not provide support through phone. We try to reply to eligible support emails in 24 to 48 hrs during business days. It could take longer in some instances.

NOTE: We no longer support synchronization over USB connection. Recent versions of Android have made it more and more difficult for common users to enable and use USB debugging.

In addition to initiating a support request, you must report the issue following the instructions below in order to efficiently resolve the issue.

How to Report an Issue

  1. Go to SymTasks settings menu and touch “Report a bug” option. It is important that you do this right after you see the issue (because Android can clear the log after sometime).
  2. In the generated email, include your Google order number and describe the issue in details. Write the steps that you performed before you saw the problem and write any on screen error message.
  3. For sync related issue, also send the bug report from SymTasks Outlook Sync on your computer (click Help > Report a bug menu)
  4. For installation issues, send an email to including your Google order number and describing the problem in details. You must include your system configuration in the email, such as Windows version, Outlook version etc.