Sync Limitations

SymTasks is designed to be a lightweight app to manage TODO tasks on the go. In general, sync to Outlook Tasks is limited by interoperability of Microsoft Outlook. Following limitations of sync should be kept in mind when using SymTasks:

  1. Not all the task fields in Outlook are supported in SymTasks. SymTasks only supports most commonly used task fields such as title, priority, status, categories, start date, due date, reminder, and notes.
  2. SymTasks does not support synchronization of multiple Outlook tasks folders or flagged emails that may appear in the To-Do List in Outlook. SymTasks syncs only the default Outlook Tasks folder (named "Tasks") under the default Outlook data file. For better tasks management, we recommend you convert your flagged emails to tasks by simply dragging and dropping them to Tasks folder in Outlook.
  3. SymTasks does not put limit on the number of tasks that can be synced from Outlook. But it may not always be possible to sync large number of tasks depending upon the capabilities of your system, such as available memory, and network bandwidth. To make the sync faster, we strongly recommend you archive your inactive tasks in Outlook.
  4. SymTasks is designed to sync tasks from only one Outlook Client. Sync from multiple Outlook Clients to same app on Android device may not work properly. However, multiple Android devices (such as phone and tablet) can be synced to single Outlook client.
  5. Outlook may restrict reading of certain task fields depending upon the security setup of your system. For these reasons sync cannot be gauranteed to work with all the supported fields of SymTasks.
  6. Some network related issues can prevent communication between Android device and computer. Examples are Windows Firewalls, Virus Scanners etc. In those cases it may not be possible to sync with Outlook

If you have already purchased SymTasks and you find these limitations are holding you from using SymTasks, please visit our contact us page to find out how to return the app.