SymTasks is an Android based app to manage to-do tasks on the go. It can synchronize with Microsoft Outlook tasks on your computer using secure encrypted WiFi connection. Following are the key features of SymTasks -

  • Intuitive and easy to use user interface. Access your tasks with a single touch on the screen.
  • SymTasks gives you a quick overview of your tasks, and displays priority, status, and due date in the tasks list itself.
  • Multiple ways to group, sort and filter your tasks list, makes it easy to focus only on few tasks
  • Saving of views (group, sort, filter or search) to favorites
  • Supports tasks view defined in "Total Workday Control Using Microsoft Outlook" by Michael Linenberger
  • Search your tasks by title
  • Nifty home screen widget, so that you don't lose sight of your tasks
  • SymTasks lets you categorize your tasks, and supports multiple customizable categories. Advance filtering on categories makes it easy to manage your tasks list. For example, you can define your own categories such as “Project A” and “Action Items”, and filter your tasks based on them.
  • Quick editing features, such as swipe a task in the list left or right to change its status.
  • Allows clickable hyperlinks, phone numbers, and addresses in the task note, which can be accessed with a single touch.
  • Easier than ever to delegate tasks and send them to others via email or SMS messaging.
  • You can setup reminders and remind not only yourself but others too using SMS messaging. For example, consider you have delegated a task “pick up the kids from school” to your spouse. You can set up a reminder SMS alert message that will be automatically sent to your spouse when it is time to remind him or her.
  • Repetitive Reminder alerts, for better user attention. Snooze reminders with multiple snooze time options.
  • Handles time zone changes seamlessly, easy to use when you are travelling.
  • Synchronize your SymTasks with Microsoft Outlook (with or without Exchange server) tasks on your computer over a secure encrypted Wi-Fi connection. You can download SymTasks Outlook Sync on your computer for no extra cost and start syncing your tasks.
  • In-built straightforward help on various screens, explains the functionality of the app.
  • In-built bug reporting and feedback functionality. Report a bug right from inside the app, keeps the quality of the app high.
  • Customizable color schemes – light or dark.