Manage Your Microsoft Outlook® Tasks On The Go

SymTasks is an easy to use yet powerful Android app to manage your to-do tasks on the go. It can synchronize with Microsoft Outlook tasks on your computer over a secure encrypted Wi-Fi connection, so that you can sync your tasks with peace of mind even when connected to a public Wi-Fi network.

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Getting Started

Download SymTasks from Android market on your Android device. Click here for more info.

Scan this QR code from your Android phone to download SymTasks from Google Play Store:

SymTasks Outlook Sync is required on the computer to sync your Microsoft Outlook Tasks to SymTasks on Android device. Click here to go to downloads page and install SymTasks Outlook Sync on your computer for no extra cost.

Please read the system requirements for SymTasks and SymTasks Outlook Sync before installation. Click here to get started with the sync after installation.


"I´ve been searching a long time for a way to get my Outlook tasks on my phone and therefore getting them into my everyday life. Finally I found the solution in SymTasks." - Victor

"I've tried all the outlook task sync apps for android and I think you guys are on your way to having the best UI for such an app." - Mark

"Thanks for a very useful product. It makes complete my transition from a much-loved Palm Pilot to an Android phone." - Tony

"I am new to DROID and I've been looking for a great to do list because the one I used on my iPhone is not available in the Android market. I finally came across SymTasks. I love it." - Rob